She had me at vegan chorizo pot pie.

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She had me at vegan chorizo pot pie.

I used to love chicken.  Since I didn’t care too much for turkey, I would sometimes be able to convince my family of having a chicken for Thanksgiving.  I really loved chicken.

One of the first vegans I ever came across was in college at Oberlin. Leah never forced veganism on anyone . . . but she was more than happy to tell you about it.  Leah is the kind of person that most people should aspire to.  She is just that cool.  I don’t think she knows how much of an impact she has had on my life.  She introduced me to my first vegan cookies . . . I have since made my own that would put those store bought cookies to shame.

I am, in my own words, a Super Diva.  I can cook, bake, sew, patch a roof, paint a house, geek out on tech gadgets, replace plumbing and still rock a gorgeous pair of heels.  I’ve been followed for my rain boots, heels, clothes, handmade jewelry and hand knitted scarves all because people thought they were cool.  I can talk geek speak and still be normal . . . sort of.

I will discuss tools from hammers to circular saws to paint sprayers.  You’ll get a personal look at an almost vegan’s experience.  I will rave about some of the coolest stuff out there that passes my discerning tests.  You may even discover that you know enough to fix it yourself instead of calling a handyman or a plumber or a painter!  Save that $100+ for shoes, a vacation or something else!

I don’t know everything.  Sometimes, I too feel like I don’t know anything . . . But just like everyone else, I had to start somewhere.  I do screw up sometimes . . . with ensuing hilarity.  I will help you learn from my mistakes.  Hopefully before you start the project!

This blog is about coming into your own and making the most of not just one but all of the lemons on the tree.

Enjoy the journey.  Laugh at the mistakes. Become inspired. Be creative. Be your own.  Super Diva.




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