Rave ‘n’ Crave Wednesday: Groupon Goods

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Rave ‘n’ Crave Wednesday:  Groupon Goods

What is it about consumerism that so many of us love so much? When my father goes to Costco, he buys two of almost everything so he doesn’t have to go back for months. When I go to Costco, I go up every single aisle looking for something new or interesting. My father refers to me as “The Ultimate Consumer.” I will admit I have gotten better at not buying everything I want. I am trying to save for a house. Buying everything I think is cool doesn’t pass muster with me anymore. Going up and down every aisle is still delightful!

If you’ve read this blog (even just occasionally) you should know by now that I have a penchant for Amazon.com. My lack of patience is why I have an Amazon Prime membership. For $79 a year, I can order millions of items and have them at my doorstep within two days for FREE! If I can’t wait an extra day, the bargain price of $3.99/item will get me an overnight shipment. Not to mention the Amazon Prime instant videos which are now included in the price. I digress. This isn’t a rave for Amazon.com!

Enter Groupon Goods. Perhaps it is my homebody nature, but I was never excited about Groupon. Sure it offers you discounts for places in your area; however, I was never interested in the offers. Still, I kept my email address with Groupon just in case. It paid off. A link to Groupon Goods showed up in a daily Groupon email. Lo and behold! I found a new outlet for my fondness of shopping. I have purchased jewelry for gifts, pearl earbuds, workout DVDs, Bento lunch boxes, beautifully designed doggie gates (shipping soon!), and my all-time favorite: an electronic touchless paper towel dispenser that also cuts the paper towel to the length that you desire.

CleanCut Paper Towel DispenserAdmit it. We all love a deal. It makes us feel like we are getting more than we paid for. It takes the phrase “getting your money’s worth” to a whole new level. Looking up the retail price of an item on Groupon Goods before I purchase it makes me feel like I am getting a steal. My CleanCut Touchless Paper Towel dispenser on Amazon was listed at around $100. I would never have purchased it at that price! I didn’t even need a paper towel dispenser. For $60 with free returns, it was worth the curiosity. The box that the paper towel dispenser came in was right. It is the most used appliance in my kitchen. Without Groupon Goods, I would never have discovered it. Thanks to Groupon Goods, I can’t live without it!

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