Rave ‘n’ Crave Wednesday: OXO’s SoftWorks Pop Containers

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Rave ‘n’ Crave Wednesday:  OXO’s SoftWorks Pop Containers

There is no competition for OXO. None. Their industrial design is unparalleled. When I purchase a product by OXO, I know I am getting a beautiful, functional, carefully thought-out item. SimpleHuman does a little bit of crossover with OXO, but when it comes to kitchen gadgets, functionality, and price, OXO wins.

I’ve been searching for years for the perfect airtight containers for my pantry. Airtight containers are expensive. I don’t like spending money on something that doesn’t work. I have vital wheat gluten, all-purpose flour, bread flour, garbanzo bean flour, coconut flour, whole wheat pastry flour, graham flour, powdered sugar, vegan sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, floss sugar, chia seeds, cornstarch, xanthan gum, etc. My pantry was over crowded with bags sealed in Ziplocs. My freezer refused to give me any more space for my flours.

I had read rave reviews about OXO’s SoftWorks Pop Containers. After being burned by a whole host of big brand name companies trying to make airtight containers, I had all but given up. I wasn’t ready to make the financial commitment for new containers. I had taken to buying one container at a time to test it out for ease of use, accessibility, airtight seal, and cleaning potential. A quick search on Amazon.com told me that $100 for a 10-piece set wasn’t worth it.

oxo softworks pop containers boxEnter Costco . . . an 8-piece set of OXO Pop Containers is currently selling for under $50! Amazon has a 10-piece set for $100 and Costco has an 8-piece set for $50! Seriously! Go get some now! Costco saved my pantry! I now own these beautiful, clear airtight containers. While they aren’t dishwasher safe (the removable gasket seal is), the lids separate into three parts for easy cleaning! Someone actually thought of that! Genius! It has been under a week since I found them at Costco. I own 18 OXO Pop Containers now. I bought a second set from Costco and found individual varied sizes at Target. It would’ve cost me over $200 with Amazon.com to do what I did (thanks to Costco and Target) for under $120. I am a happy camper.

All of my beautiful containers have been labeled with my P-Touch machine, Smudge and water-resistant laminated labels adorn my OXO Pop Containers. I know where all of my flours are and I don’t have to sniff or taste to decipher each container. Obsessive compulsive bliss! Go find your own!

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