Fix, Plant, Build, or Grow It Sunday: Safer’s Organic Insect Killing Soap

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Fix, Plant, Build, or Grow It Sunday: Safer’s Organic Insect Killing Soap

Once the rain has subsided and the sun starts to come out regularly, I dutifully go out into the garden to water and admire my plants. There is nothing more frustrating as a gardener than planting something, watering it regularly, giving it plant food, watching it grow fruit or veggies, and then finding one day just before it is ripe that something else made a feast out of it before you could.

A couple of years ago, before I discovered the joy of gardening, I purchased a raspberry plant. I repotted it and promptly forgot to water it. Last year, as it started to show signs of life, I began giving it plant food and *gasp* water. It even started to produce a few raspberries. Unfortunately, it was too late in the growing season for them to go from golden to pink. This year, I vowed to do better.

My raspberry vine looked dead after the winter season. I gave it plenty of water and plant food. Lo and behold is sprung to life with bright green leaves, new growth, and baby raspberries! I must’ve had at least 10 large juicy raspberries that were almost ripe. On Friday, I eagerly went out into the garden to peek at my raspberries. They were all gone. Some four-legged critter had helped themselves to a raspberry feast. It didn’t even leave a thank you note.

I’ve spoken to so many people who say, “I love to grow my own produce, but I am tired of fighting off pests.” My neighbor down the street told me today about how he grew these beautiful cabbages that were eaten by insects. I have learned in my ONE WHOLE YEAR of gardening that you have to take precautionary measures early in the season to ensure that you get more of your fruits and veggies than the critters and insects. My grandmother used to say, “You plant some for you and some for them.” Unfortunately they will take it all if you let them.

Safer Insecticide SoapI tried an organic insecticide last year with ho-hum results. It had a weird smell and I had to apply it every day for almost a week. I didn’t love it and my plants didn’t seem to do very well once I applied it. This year, when I couldn’t find it, I ended up buying a Safer Soap insecticide from OSH that I now LOVE. It doesn’t have a funky smell. You only have to apply it every 5 to 7 days whenever you see signs of an insect chomping on the leaves or produce. As soon as I saw bite marks on the leaves of my dahlias or gladiolus bulbs, I sprayed on the Safer Soap. No more bite marks and my plants are thriving! Something ate my one of lemon cucumber sprouts down to the root. As soon as I began spraying Safer Soap my other lemon cucumber plants stop showing signs of insect snacking too!

For critters like squirrels, raccoons, and “other night-time creatures,” I have a method I will share soon. For insects that like to eat leaves and take small bite marks out of fruits and vegetable, I HIGHLY recommend Safer Organic Insect Killing Soap!

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