Fitness Friday: Daily Burn

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Fitness Friday: Daily Burn

You’ve seen their online ads. They pop up on YouTube and in Google searches in the sidebar. It has never been my habit to click on any online ads. In the past, online ads have been scams. An online ad for an internet monthly subscription service for workouts sounded like a joke. Always be skeptical, but change the way you think.

Instead of clicking on the ad, I plugged the website address directly into my browser. Last week, I was really into dance workouts on YouTube. One of the dance instructors on YouTube, Keaira LaShae, also mentioned that she was on Daily Burn. Coupled with Keaira’s mention, a 30-day free trial, and the recent purchase of a Roku with a Daily Burn channel, I decided to give it a try. I’m hooked!

You can pick your workout by length, intensity, level or activity. There are dance, yoga, kettlebell (!!!), Tabata, insanity-style, tactical bodyweight training, mobility, recovery, and even pre-natal workouts. The instructors, so far, are fun and interesting. I’ve completed all six of trainer Cody Storey’s kettlebell workouts and I am working my way through Keaira LaShae’s Latin, African, Caribbean, Bollywood, 90s Hip-Hop, Club, and All-Stars Move! dance workouts. They also have a monthly subscription nutrition program, but since I’m vegan and I’ve already met my goal weight *happy dance,* I didn’t even look at it. I tend to workout for 45 minutes to an hour. If you are just getting started or are short on time, they have a DB15 series with a variety of workouts that are all about 15 minutes each.

I always say that monotony is the enemy for me. Being able to change-up my workout at the drop of a hat and still get in a good calorie burn is essential. After my 30-day trial, the monthly subscription fee is $10. While I’d be happier if it was about $5-7 a month, if you consider the price of a gym membership or what it would cost me to accumulate all the workouts on DVD, $10 a month isn’t bad!

Daily Burn is works on just about any device from a Roku to an XBox to Google TV (these still exsist?!) to an iPad. You can take your workouts with you to the office, park or even on vacation. You are only limited by your level of commitment. If you are wondering if Daily Burn is worth it, try it out for 30-days and see for yourself! After your trial is over, you just might find yourself surprised at how you ever worked out without it.

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