Fitness Friday: Kettlebell Workouts on YouTube

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Fitness Friday: Kettlebell Workouts on YouTube

For me, monotony is the enemy. My workouts consist of ways to challenge myself so I that don’t give up. It is hard sometimes. While googling “kettlebell workouts” I came across all kinds of workouts on YouTube. I’ve used YouTube for food prep tutorials, hair tips, and computer troubleshooting. It never occurred to me that they had everything I ever wanted to know!

I really can’t say enough about kettlebells. They’ve truly changed my life. I’ve been swinging kettlebells for years and it took YouTube videos to teach me new and advanced kettlebell exercises.

As I watched the video “69 Kettlebell Exercises for a Better Body,” I was squealing with glee. There were so many new exercises that I couldn’t wait to try. I did have a problem with his stance (around the 4:40 mark) in rack position. He rounds his back as he holds the kettlebell, which I think is bad form. Someone did comment about it and he said that was how he was taught. I wouldn’t recommend it, but what do I know?! People always ask me, “What can you do with a kettlebell?” From now on, I will show them this video!

One YouTube channel, FitnessAcademy, has full 20-minute and 60-minute workouts. The woman doing the exercises, Katerina Pisetsky, a former Olympian, makes it look so effortless . . . Which is a little annoying and motivating at the same time. The workouts are in 4-minute blocks with all upcoming moves and timers on-screen. It is so well done that I wish I could download or pay for more of their workouts.

Another YouTube channel I found, Kitty8Tim, was impressive. My only issue with her workouts is that she goes so quickly and there is no way to know what exercise she is doing next. It is too hard to follow along.

The Functional Patterns‘ advanced kettlebell videos blew me away! Naudi Aguilar’s exercises are some of the best that I’ve seen. If you want a real challenge, take a look at Functional Patterns on YouTube. He does a lot of cross training exercises. There is, however, a dedicated playlist for just his kettlebell videos.

I’ve created a YouTube Kettlebell Workout playlist with some of my favorite kettlebell workouts that I’ve found so far. There were so many amazing kettlebell videos on YouTube that I also created Advanced Kettlebell Workouts and Kettlebell Tricks playlists. Surgey Rudnev who juggles the kettlebell in the video below made it look so cool that I’ve already started to do headstands so that I can build up to some of the tricks! Use the playlists to break of the monotony of your workouts, for a challenge, to inspire, and to create a fitter you! Have fun!

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