Fitness Friday: The superdiva’s Fat Blasting Calorie Torching Kettlebell Treadmill Workout

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Fitness Friday:  The superdiva’s Fat Blasting Calorie Torching Kettlebell Treadmill Workout

Years ago, when I was first introduced to kettlebells by a personal trainer, I was really excited about them. I thought they were the coolest way to workout and I was convinced they would help me get in shape. I wasn’t wrong. It just took me another five years to actually do it. In my kettlebell excitement, I bought a kettlebell and a book, From Russia with Tough Love, on kettlebells for women. At the time, some of the exercises were too hard and I didn’t have the right equipment. I put the book on my bookshelf and forgot all about it.

As I was perusing in my quest to change-up my workouts, I came across the From Russia with Tough Love book. I vaguely remembered buying it and proceeded to scour my bookshelves for it. It was slightly dusty. This time the exercises I found difficult five years ago seemed like a wonderful challenge! The workout that caught my eye was on page 102 and titled “Make Your Fat Go Into Nuclear Meltdown.” It was supposed to be a great workout to break a plateau.

The workout was 50 snatches or swings (25 on one arm and then 25 with the other), jog (.25 miles or around a stadium or track), 40 (20,20), jog, 30, jog, 20, jog, 10, jog, and then walk. The book stated it would a be “a demanding workout.” I unfolded my treadmill, grabbed my 25 lb kettlebell and started doing snatches (I despise swings). After completing the entire workout in under 30 minutes, I was ready for more! It wasn’t enough of a challenge for me! I then repeated the entire round replacing my preferred snatches with the dreaded swings.

For someone with a short attention span and a limited excitement for distance running this kind of workout is perfect. As soon as I started to get bored with running, it was already time to jump off the treadmill and grab the kettlebell again. I liked this workout so much on a Tuesday that after I took my regular Wednesday “rest day,” I did it again with glee on Thursday. By Friday morning, the scale had dropped THREE POUNDS. I workout 5 days a week and I try to incorporate this workout into my routine 1-2 times a week.

It is a great way to change-up your workout, take a break from DVD or YouTube workout videos, and challenge yourself. Of course you can try this workout on a track and just run laps in between sets. It takes me a little under and hour to do a round with snatches and a round with swings. Sometimes I change it up, do my snatch round and then do half the number of swings on each arm and incorporate another kettlebell exercise like figure eights with a hold (plus a little twist if you are so inclined!). Keeping it interesting and challenging makes me more excited about my workouts every day. Mix and match the exercises and/or only do one round as a standalone workout or in combination with a different workout.

You have been warned that in the middle of the workout I found myself so empowered that I cranked up the speed on the treadmill to a full on sprint. Jogging in between sets keeps your heart rate up and helps you burn more calories. Sprinting in between sets just scares the calories away. It is your choice. Above all . . . Have fun and be safe!

Time: Just under an hour
Equipment Needed: A Kettlebell, Treadmill (or track for laps), gloves (optional), and wristbands (optional)

50 Snatches (25 non-dominant arm, 25 dominant arm)
Jog .25 miles at 4 mph*
40 Snatches (20,20)
Jog .25 miles at 4.2 mph
30 Snatches (15,15)
Jog .25 miles at 4.5 mph**
20 Snatches (10,10)
Jog .25 miles at 5 mph
10 Snatches (5,5)
Jog .25 miles at 5.5 mph

50 Swings (25 non-dominant arm, 25 dominant arm)
Jog .25 miles at 6 mph
40 Swings (20,20)
Jog .25 miles at 5.5 mph
30 Swings (15,15)
Jog .25 miles at 5 mph
20 Swings (10,10)
Jog .25 miles at 4.5 mph
10 Swings (5,5)
Jog .25 miles at 4 mph
Walk and then stretch for a cool down

CONGRATS! You survived!! 😀

* I’m 5’6″ so 4 mph is a slooow jog for me
** If you prefer, you can keep running at a slow jog . . . I prefer to pick up the pace!!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Sounds like a grueling workout to me! You’d make a great drill sergeant, though. You ought to give classes to the public.

    • Haha! Thanks, Will. I have a feeling I would get too much enjoyment out of putting people through the paces of a workout . . . Heh. 😛

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